A. Vogel Cough Formula Drops

A. Vogel Cough Formula Drops are effective in treating common colds, coughs, sore throat symptoms.

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A. Vogel Cough Formula Drops

Ginkgo biloba D2, Cetreria islandica D1, Aralia racemosa D2, Phellandrium aquaticum D2, Ipecacuanha D6, Drosera rot. D1, Cuprum aceticum D6, Ammi visnaga D1.

Alcohol content: 65% v/v.

10 Drops on the tongue every hour with the start of a cough. Reduce dosage to 4 times daily once improvement is noticed and discontinue once coughing has stopped.

Brand A. Vogel
Content Drops
Pack contents 30ml Drops
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