A. Vogel Prostasan Drops

A. Vogel Prostasan Drops treatments of urinary complications associated with prostate enlargement.

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A. Vogel Prostasan Drops

A.Vogel's Prostasan is a herbal product derived from the berries of the saw palmetto plant. Saw palmetto is a herbal medicine and has been used by millions of men who have a confirmed diagnosis of BPH, providing relief for lower urinary tract symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. The active ingredient is the extract of saw palmetto fruit (sabal serrulata).

Dosage and Directions for use:
Take one capsule daily after a meal.

Each Prostasan capsule contains: 320 mg Serenoa repens frucu extr. Ethanol. spiss. (9.0-12,0:1).

Brand A. Vogel
Content Drops
Pack contents 50ml Drops
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