Aspalathox Plus Rooibos Forte Tablets

Aspalathox Plus Rooibos Forte Tablets are superior antioxidant supplements that fight chronic disease by boosting the immune system.

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Aspalathox Plus Rooibos Forte Tablets

Aspalathox plus contains no less than eighteen different antioxidant variants. This spectrum of antioxidants variants ensures better absorption and additional benefits to consumers. These benefits include assisting the body to curb the formation of free radicals (linked to the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer) to fight virus infections; to offset the degeneration of the nervous system and to keep the formation of bad cholesterol in check.

Added vitamins and Manganese
Additional antioxidant protection in the Aspalathox+-formula, comes from vitamins A, C and E - as well as Manganese. In addition vitamin A enhances immunity and protects against colds and flu as well as infections of the kidneys, bladder, lungs and mucous membranes. Vitamin C assists in the production of anti-stress hormones, protects against infection and enhances immunity. Vitamin E plays a vital role in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Used together these three vitamins extend each other's antioxidant activity. Manganese renders cells less susceptible to damage and inflammation.

Zinc and Selenium
Zinc is involved in virtually every aspect of the immune function of the body. It also displays direct anti-viral activity against several viruses that cause the common cold - and assist in the metabolism of protein. Selenium enhances immune boosting support. In addition, Selenium is also an acknowledged protector against heart disease and stroke.

Plant protection with sterols and sterolins
Sterols and sterolins have been included in the Aspalathox+ -formula as a result of their ability to balance the immune response. The latter happens through the enhancing of T cell functioning and the secretion of good lymphokines. T cells fight off viral and bacterial infections in cells while good lymphokines counter the overproduction of the antibodies that attack sufferers from autoimmune diseases.

The inclusion of the amino acid L-lysine in the Aspalathox+ formula, will have more viruses running for cover. L-lysine assists in the production of anti-bodies to ward off viruses - including the herpes viruses responsible for cold sores, genital herpes and shingles (herpes zoster). L-lysine also assists with tissue repair and enzyme production.

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